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The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS has distributed EMS Information Bulletin 2017-03-Naloxone Increased Dosage Option that will permit EMS providers, specifically Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) level providers, to use prefilled nasal delivery devices that contain 4 mg of naloxone.

This EMS Information Bulletin will allow EMS agencies to carry, and EMS providers to use, 4 mg naloxone prefilled intranasal devices in situations where the Statewide BLS Poisoning protocol #831, permits the use of intranasal naloxone. When the 2017 Statewide BLS Protocols are published on the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Service website, this EMS Information Bulletin will no longer be effective. These dosing changes are effective immediately.

EMSIB 2017-03 Naloxone Increased Dosage Option