Camping for ConEd

September 12th-15th, 2024

KOA Saxton Campground
Huntingdon County

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The event will include hands on ConEd sessions, EMS vendors, get togethers from participating health systems, and live speakers.

Call for Speakers

Deadline: February 27, 2024

We are seeking outstanding speakers to present skillful, innovative and state-of-the-art topics relevant to EMS, public safety, and rescue providers, instructors and administrators for CAMPING FOR CON ED.

CAMPING FOR CON ED is scheduled to be held Sept 12-15, 2024 at KOA Saxton Campground, Huntingdon, PA.

We are looking for classes/programs in length of 60-90 minutes.

SAEMS has complete discretion to select or refuse any proposal on any basis.

Acceptance of your proposal does not guarantee placement. A speaker’s agreement will be required if your presentation proposal is accepted. SAEMS reserves the right to solicit presentations from a broad spectrum of parties and will not guarantee placement for any party. Until a signed speaker agreement is executed, SAEMS reserves the right to change all terms.

When developing the camping program, the SAEMS’s objective is to provide a well-rounded program that meets the variety of skill levels and interests of those in attendance. SAEMS will assess all proposed programs based on the following:

  • Speaker’s credentials
  • Length of program/class
  • Applicability
  • Nature of program/class

We plan to have our sessions begin as early as 8am and run until as late as 4pm.

Incomplete proposals will not be considered. Program/class proposals submitted after February 27, 2024 will not be considered.

SAEMS attempts to provide practical reimbursement for its faculty. Most faculty members are reimbursed by their organizations and donate their time to keep costs low; please configurate your request for reimbursement on the form. All requests must be approved by SAEMS prior. Reimbursement requests may be reduced or denied entirely at the discretion of SAEMS. Any request not included as part of the speaker’s agreement is subject to rejection.

To apply as a speaker, please fill out the form below:

If you’re approved, SAEMS may reimburse a one-night stay up to a certain dollar amount.